Magento Business Metrics 4 everyone!

Geschreven door Ray Bogman.

Working with Magento on a daily basis as a shop owner, webmaster or developer is standard practice. But do you ever monitor Magento on a daily or hourly basis?

Do you know what’s going on in your shop, and how customers like the shopping experience? Do you get triggered when something is wrong? Did someone clear the cache? If so, when? Is Redis having issues? Have new CMS pages been created? What is the load time for your users? Why is CPU/MEM that high? And is there a relation between all of this?

All of these things are happening on a real time basis right now. Get in control of your own shop and manage IT!

During Meet Magento Switserland Ray Bogman presented a business case from a well-known Magento shop in the Netherlands (, and explain how the shop owner monitors what is happening in his shop in real time.

Click here for the slides of the Meet Magento Zwitserland session "Business Metrics 4 everyone!"

Magento monitoring by CoScale

The monitoring solution form CoScale is a collaboration between SupportDesk and CoScale. The Magento module is available in the Magento Connect store and can be easily installed in every single or multi Magento environment.

Overview of some of the benefits:

  • Easy integration in Magento.
  • Multi store compatibility.
  • Realtime user monitoring (incl user experience insights).
  • SIngle or multi server compatibility.
  • Business, Application and Server metics in a single SaaS solution.
  • Apache, Nginx, MySql, Redis, Varnish, Elastic etc... monitoring.
  • 3rd Party integrations with Google Analytics, Mailchimp etc... (or our API for custom metrics).
  • Easy overview of your top10 most viewed pages or top10 worst viewed pages ((per storeview).
  • Create easy multiple dashboards on the fly (every Merchant, Developer or DevOps can have there own dashboard).

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Ray BogmanDit artikel is geschreven door Ray Bogman, mede-oprichter van SupportDesk en heeft zijn rol vervuld als Technisch Directeur.

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