Magento Imagine 2017

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Magento Imagine 2017

It's almost time! From 3-5 April, the annual Magento Imagine 2017- "Powering Tomorrow" event will be taking place. The biggest Magento event in the world will be organized in the Wynn hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. Over 2500 Magento commerce experts, from more than 45 countries will get together to get inspired, getting familiar with the latest technologies and developments, and of course to have fun!

Road to Imagine

And with the biggest Magento event in the world coming up, we as Magento fanatics, SupportDesk had to attend. That's why we send Ray Bogman and Vladimir Kerkhoff for the whole week to Los Angeles and Las vegas to get the Imagine 2017 Experience. Before the event starts in Vegas, there is a lot of Magento to experience in LA. So today Ray and Vladimir started will all kinds of "Road to Imagine" activities.

These included both educational and sporting activities with other Magento enthusiasts. The day started at 05:00 with a 5k warming-up run as their preparation for the “Big Dam RunSunday, April 2nd. After, they went to de Magento Headquarters to meet the people who are going to ride the whole “RoadToImagine” by bike . A 600 mile journey from LA to Las Vegas. Starting this morning at 07:00.

OroCommerce, OroCRM, OroPlafform

After Meeting the team and wishing them good luck, Ray went on to the headquarters of ORO Inc for an inspiring talk with Yoav Kutner (Co-Founder & CEO of Oro Inc) and Dima Soroka (CTO at ORO Inc). He got new insights on how Oro sees itself in the near future and how the B2B market is growing in Europe, particular Germany. With that in mind we also got a glimpse at the new MarelloERP software, made by Madia in the Netherlands. It’s a new CRM software solution that is meeting retail needs and boosting business and makes the integration of OroCommerce and B2B easier. With the new Enterprise environment of OroCommerce it should be a perfect fit for the current and future market developments. We closed the session with a demo about the Oro Cloud edition, which is completely set up and managed internally with Oro’s own system and patch management. The service can be scaled up to large sizes and hopefully will come to Europe soon.

Would you like to stay informed about Ray and Vladimir's latest Road to Imagine experiences? Check our daily "Magento Imagine 2017" blog at SupportDesk and/or follow Ray and Vladimir on twitter.

Big Dam Run 2017

Big Dam Run, preImagine

The Magento "RoadToImagine" tour consists of all the activities Ray and Vladimir did from Friday till Sunday.

On Friday they hang out with Anna Völkl, a 2 time Magento master from Austria, talking about the Magento developments in her country. At the end of the day, they met up with Alex Galtsow (from Atwix) and Sherrie Rhode (community manager at Magento), for dinner and to talk about the upcoming Imagine event.

On Saturday is was time to drive to Las Vegas. On their way, they picked up Jan Brooijmans (, who is currently working with Magento Business Intelligence a new concept of Magento. Jan told us some interesting new features of new Magento BI. To know more about the topic, click on Magento Business Intelligence. Finally arrived at the hotel in Las Vegas, they grabbed a quick bite and went to bed early because tomorrow the Big Dam Run will take place.

The day before Magento Imagine and the start of the Big Dam Run, the first unofficial Magento event. Over 120 people signed in to run the 5K or 10K trail track over the Hoover Dam. Want to see how Ray and Vladimir crossed the finish? click here to check to see the pictures. After the run, they went back to the hotel to attend the Magento partners Summit. Here, all the Magento partners get informed about the in's and outs for Magento Imagine. After everybody was informed it was time to attend Magento Pre-Imagine, the second unofficial Magento Imagine event. This event, organized by Shipper HQ, Commerce Hero, and Mage Mojo, is the first reception to get connected with other Magento experts and enthusiasts.

Monday 3 April - Day 1

Monday, April 3rd. The official start of Magento Imagine. And with a full day packed with events, Ray and Vladimir started the day early with the first event, the continental breakfast & networking. After the breakfast, they visited a number of events. They described for us the most interesting ones;

Magento Business Intelligence

After taking over RJMetrics, a whole new concept of Business Intelligence has emerged. Keynote Speaker Robert Moore, Head of Magento Business Intelligence, told that with integrating RJMetrics with Magento, users can combine their Magento data with other sources to gain new insights, making data-driven strategies for online growth more accessible. Magento aims to get this integrated and fully operational by Magento 2.2.

Technical Deep Dive; Magento Marketplace Extension Quality Program.

In order to sell your extension in the Magento Marketplace, it must first pass the Extension Quality Program (EQP). But this takes time since most of the quality checking is done manually. With the new module, Magento has made the (EQP) automated and added an additional QA. Now after writing your extension, you can check it for yourself if it operates as expected and doest break any Magento functionalities so you can start selling the fast.

Technical Deep Dive: Magento Commerce Order Management

A new product, bought by Magento last year, is aimed at handling orders and linking warehouses as efficient as possible. This solution brings new omnichannel features, complex inventory management & order routing and, advanced payment tools to the table to steer your company towards the unique needs of your customers.

Migrating from Magento 1 to Magento 2

One of the most frequently asked questions, "How can I successfully migrate my Magento 1 web shop to >Magento 2?" In this session, James Cowie and Gordon Knoppe, talked about best practices for defining the migration strategy, share tips and techniques for code and data migrations and, talked about the use of the open source toolset. Do you want to know more about making the migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2 as time and cost efficiently? Contact Ray Bogman.

The future of active Magento Cyber Security

Magento introduces a new tool, the Magento Security and Auditing tool, which will be taking on security checks. The tool looks similar like Mage Report (Byte) but will be more automated, self-sufficient and will be performing security and auditing checks on a server level.

Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition

This session was all about learning new ways to develop, deploy, manage and optimize the new Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition (MECE). they saw a demonstration on how to optimize integrated business intelligence, management tools, and site delivery services.

Ray and Vladimir also attended the following events;

  • User experience at Magento
  • Understanding total cost to migrate & implement Magento
  • Merchant to Merchant
  • Commerce conversations
  • Improving mobile conversion
  • Advanced marketing features of Magento 2

The last event everyone attended to was the "opening night networking event", which was an awesome pool party. With a DJ and hundreds of Magento Imagine visitors, it was a successful closing session of the first Magento Imagine day.

Did you see something interesting and want to know how these topics can help your website? Please don't hesitate to contact us

Tuesday 4 April - Day 2

Tuesday, April 4th was the second day of Magento Imagine 2017. As Usual Ray and Vladimir wanted to experience everything Magento Imagine had to offer so they started the day early with the 08:00 Breakfast & networking event. After they picked out their event schedule for this day they went to the first event.

General session
In this session, people got the general keynotes on the previous year of Magento. And it was quite a busy year for Magento, multiple takeovers and new products have been developed since 2016. The keyword below are some of the main developments that Magento went through;

  • January 2016, Magento developed MCOM Magento Commerce Order Manager.
  • April 2016, Magento Marketplace.
  • August 2016, Magento took over RJMetric formerly known as Magento Business Intelligence.
  • December 2016, Magento took over Bluefoot and created the new Magento CMS platform.

The growth Magento has been trough was also remarkable. Being the #1 digital Commerce Platform Provider for the fourth straight year and #2 in the top 300 B2B providers (Internet Retailer), growth has been non-stop at Magento. 14 billion dollars in revenue are created by Magento Systems and there are over more than 500.000 Magento web developers.

After the General Session Ray and Vladimir visited several keynote speakers:

Canon Australia

Aman Bhalla, Senior Manager digital Commerce of Canon Australia, told how Canon's E-Commerce went to completely integrate sales of products, services, and experiences personalized to shopper needs, by using Magento.

Stella & Dot

Jessica Herrin, CEO of Stella & Dot, introduced her new book "Find your extraordinary" at this event. Inspiring everyone about her entrepreneurial road, from a small company to a multi-million dollar industry. She closed her session springing and invigorating the room with telling which 7 traits a successful entrepreneur should have.

After the Keynotes Ray and Vladimir went to the last General session of day 2. This session's theme was about the Magento Awards. Awards were handed for Best omnichannel of the year, growth award, commerce marketer of the year, best web design, best B2B user experience and much more.
After the general awards, the Magento Master Awards came up. These awards are handed to members of the Magento community who contributed the most to the open source community.

After the Awards there was some more in-depth information about;

  • Using Magento Headless, were Magento solely works on the back-end and Drupal at the front-end.
  • Progressive web apps and the applicability for Magento 2.
  • The new Magento Marketplace.

The session ended with Keynote speaker Serena Williams. She talked about how she turns every challenge in an opportunity, her approach to building a personal brand and her philosophy for success.

The last event of day 2 was the "Legendary Magento Evening Event". This because of the 7th successful edition of Magento Imagine. A big pool party at the casino was organized, with a James Bond fitting theme (007). This party lasted until the early hours. and Ray and Vladimir were certainly attending.

Wednesday 5 April - Day 3

The last day of Magento Imagine 2017. By now a ritual, Ray, and Vladimir started the day with the Breakfast and networking event. After they went to the General session & keynote speakers. After they visited an inspiring interview with Roy Rubin, Co-founder and former CEO of Magento it was time to reveal the upcoming plans for next year. And in the range of new products and businesses for 2017, Magento has surpassed everybody's expectations. In a global overview, this is what's waiting for us:

Magento B2B is ready for use.

Soon the new release will launch. With already 70% of the B2B market using Magento as the B2B platform this new release will certainly be a big addition.

Magento Business Intelligence is coming up.

Magento Social is in development.

Transferred from RJMetrics Business Intelligence, this is a completely new service. This tool will make sharing your shop with online marketplaces real easy, using the Magento Backend.

Advanced E-Commerce (formerly Bluefoot CMS).

With this acquisition, Magento hopes to empower Magento merchants to exert greater control and creativity over the digital experiences they deliver to their clients.

Magento Shipping.

"Focused on offering merchants the flexibility required to manage consumers’ quick shipping expectations, Magento Shipping helps merchants accelerate time to market, automate fulfillment, easily connect with global carriers, enhance loyalty by keeping delivery promises, and reduce costs by ensuring accurate billing with advanced packing intelligence ".

Magento Collaborates with Adobe.

For Magento Headless, Magento and Adobe are putting their hands together. Magento Headless will only work on the back-end, while Adobe will provide merchants the possibility add Headless Commerce and Progressive apps.

Magento Commerce Order Manager (MCOM)

Magento Commerce Order Manager will get an efficiency update. Making the data warehouse and payment system more extensive and efficient.

After this impressive showcase of yet to come products and services, Ray and Vladimir went to the last two talks of the day. Here they got the latest in's and outs on how the Magento Front-end will look like with Magento 2 and what the new features will be. The second talk was about optimizing Magento Cloud Services, in combination with Blackfire. Here everyone got the latest tips and tricks for creating the most optimal Magento cloud environment.

The last event of Magento Imagine 2017 was the DevExchange event. At this event, all visitors got an opportunity to ask questions to the expert about the topics covered this event.

For Ray and Vladimit there was, however, one more event. For all the dutch Magento candidates, Byte organized a dinner to talk about everybody's findings of Imagine 2017, Magento hosting and Magento 2.

See you all at Magento Imagine 2018 - April 23-25, Wynn Las Vegas

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