Magento & Shopware

101 Magento's Hidden Secrets

  1. transactionele email variables
  2. pdf - customer variables
  3. db-sql - foreign keys
  4. rel next previous - product page
  5. PDF customizer
  6. integratie w/ joomla or wp
  7. auto css sprits
  8. flat catog
  9. no index no follow layered nav
  10. compliter
  11. mage install
  12. Shell index, log
  13. custom error pages/
  14. free responsive theme
  15. bash Shell install
  16. install.php
  17. magento metrics (jirafe - aheadworks)
  18. SEF catalog path in url
  19. Google Optimizer A/B
  20. hidden cache urls
  21. succes page promote on facebook/twitter (meanbe promote)
  22. full page cache community vs enterprice
  23. order delete magento
  24. htaccess
  25. developers toolbar
  26. Enable Translate Inline
  27. Enable Template Path Hints
  28. Turn off modules in xml, not Configuration => Advanced
  29. How to get layered nav on your homepage
  30. Don't use hard coded text in your template, but use CMS static blocks
  31. How to create a 'featured' products block
  32. How to Hide shopping cart sidebar when it is empty
  33. Debug your layout in Magento
  34. Display a product's category name
  35. How to Creating Custom Layout Handles
  36. 5 useful tricke local.xml
  37. Magento around the web roundup
  38. Go Mobile with reponsive designs
  39. Banners Anywhere With Magento Widget Instances
  40. Magento Session Storage: Which to Choose and Why?
  41. Magento tip: Gratis verzending? Verberg andere verzendtarieven!
  42. Magento Connect using old server path
  43. Upgrade tips?
  44. Deactive your store with .htaccess
  45. How To Easily Spy On Your Competitor's Order Volume With Magento
  46. Create Custom Category Attribute – The Unofficial Step-By-Step Guide
  47. Downloading Magento Extensions – The Easy Way
  48. Troubleshooting Email Sending Problems in Magento
  49. iPhone E-Commerce Tip: When Users Enter Product Quantity, Only Show Them Numbers!
  50. Resize A Magento Product Image
  51. Filter Magento product collection using addAttributeToFilter() to create SQL OR(s)
  52. Display A Product Category (With Pagination) On Any Magento CMS Page
  53. Change the standard admin url
  54. Use cronjobs for cleaning
  55. How to debug sql statements
  56. Hoe importeer je afbeeldingen in Magento?
  57. turn on ssl after going live
  58. missing robots.txt
  59. reindex robots.txt
  60. missing humans.txt
  61. robots, allow /media images for better seo
  62. fast shell install command (zie bookmark)
  63. move module in top menu to system menu (and notify the developer)
  64. maintaince mode ip restriction
  65. custom 503 page
  66. custom 404
  67. custom admin domain
  68. disable admin URL salted key for router module check
  69. default cms router URL tip
  70. hidden vision numbers
  71. use database prefix
  72. use custom admin path
  73. put translate in header in bottom - defer JavaScript
  74. use meta tags (everywhere)
  75. don't use lang product URL
  76. Trashbin
  77. Default Web URL [router url path] into a category
  78. HTTP upload error
  79. Session Validation Settings
  80. Sitemap maken in een multistore Magento
  81. Magento Log Cleaning
  82. How to embed Google Custom Search Engine in Magento
  83. Disable CatalogSearch in Magento?
  84. Magento Profiler
  85. Block Magento downloader
  86. Dutch Shop Settings
  87. Auto-redirect to Base URL
  88. Offloader header
  89. Session Cookie Management
  90. Matched Expression [iphone|ie module test]
  91. Title Suffix | Tittle Prefix
  92. Default Robots [noindex/nofollow dev server]
  93. change favicon
  94. How to limit Google traffic
  95. Layered Navigation - Price Navigation Step Calculation
  96. Product URL Suffix - Category URL Suffix
  97. Disable Onepage checkout when using 3rd party checkout
  98. Quote Lifetime (days) - less then 30 days
  99. Enhanced Error Reporting in Magento
  100. Session life time
  101. Magic variables not parsing on frontend
  102. How to layered navigation
  103. Vertical Nav with Css Classes
  104. AW Blog
  105. Use widgets for selective displaying of locks
  106. Use the Magento profiler for detailed performance analysis