Magento & Shopware

Moving on from Magento 1

That e-commerce is booming is beyond dispute. More and more people are buying online instead of at physical stores. As a Retailer it is more important than ever to have an e-commerce system linked to your retail business that’s rock solid, is easy to use, contains the latest features and is regularly updated. Magento has been the major player in mid market e-commerce for years, but this is changing, because other e-commerce platforms are shooting up like mushrooms while Magento’s new upgraded platform has received mixed reviews. Shopify and Shopware offer platforms with distinctive features that are delivering them a growing presence in the marketplace, and allowing them to challenge Magento’s market leader status.

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You can always contact SupportDesk for advice on the right e-commerce platform for your business. We’ve also created an excel tool to calculate specific platform solutions and comparing the scores using your own values and weighing factors. Please send an email to [email protected] to receive this tool.